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XTZ Price Action

XTZ Price Action April 19th, 2022

Today is April 19th, 2022, let’s take a look at the weekly chart for Tezos, symbol $XTZ. We’re revisiting the weekly candle chart as we start a new week bouncing again off of the long trend...


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XTZ Price Action November 26st, 2021

As the chart continues to play out bearish divergences and consolidate along with the broader cryptocurrency market, it’s important to understand other financial factors at play.

Stablecoin Regulation is Expected by Many to Lead to Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

The US Government and Federal Reserve continues to research and report on digital assets and stablecoins as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are discussed in parallel.

XTZ Price Action November 21st, 2021

The overall cryptocurrency market has corrected recently as some of the bullish leverage has been wiped out.

Cyber Gecko Gang First Stakable NFT on Tezos

The CyberGeckoGang NFT project has launched today as the first stakeable NFT on the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos NFT Spotlight #2

The H=N Tezos NFT marketplace has changed hosting but is back up and running as the objkt marketplace has begun implementing new features and...

Tezos NFT Interface Hic Et Nunc Discontinued and Rehosted

The popular Tezos NFT platform and interface, Hic Et Nunc (H=N), has been taken offline from as the founder became frustrated

Crypto Tax Reporting in the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill is Uncertain

In a chaotic series of debates, speeches, and changes, the partially bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is expected to be signed by President Joe Biden on Monday.

Banks Using Tezos – A Leader in Financial Services Products

Private, public, and central banks around the world are beginning to embrace public and decentralized blockchain technologies to enhance their offerings and custody to their clients.

Slice ‘em Up! Chop Sumo Launches on Tezos

Chop Sumo officially launched their 3,000 unique NFT sumo characters on the Tezos blockchain today for early participants to mint.