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XTZ Price Action

XTZ Price Action April 19th, 2022

Today is April 19th, 2022, let’s take a look at the weekly chart for Tezos, symbol $XTZ. We’re revisiting the weekly candle chart as we start a new week bouncing again off of the long trend...


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Spontaneous Halloween Event Mints Over 37k Skeles NFTs

Popular Tezos NFT artist, John Karel, partnered with to launch a first of its kind NFT minting project called ‘randomly common skeles’.

Ubisoft Plans More Investment in Blockchain Games, Will They Utilize Tezos?

Game publisher Ubisoft revealed a little more detail into their recent investments and entries into the blockchain NFT and gaming space during their Q2 earnings call this past week.

Digital Experience Project, Wide Awake, Launches NFT Escape Room

The Wide Awake Project is launching an escape room game and experience that takes place inside of their larger Here and Now immersive event.

TzStamp Officially Launches on Tezos

TzStamp brings on-demand and user friendly timestamping to the Tezos blockchain.

“The Moments” NFT Project Drops in Partnership with

@cryptohamster and @objktcom (Twitter handles) have partnered to launch a series of 3000 NFT moments meant to tell a story.

ctez Launches in Collaboration with Plenty DeFi and Bender Labs

Bender Labs and Plenty DeFi collaborated for months to launch ctez, or a collateralized Tezos token.

XTZ Price Action October 24th 2021

Today is October 24th, 2021, let’s take a look at

PIXEL POTUS Readies $PXL Token Initial Farm Offering

$PXL, or the Pixel Token, will be the governance token for the Pixel POTUS game as well as future projects.

Tezos NFT Spotlight #1

The Tezos NFT market is growing very quickly, and with growth comes adjustment as platforms and tools mature to better fit their users’ needs.